between colours and shapes



Ney Cardoso is a important Brazilian painter.
I will talk only about his style, colours, shapes, subjects…

About his style!?
Are many in one. I mean about Futurism, Cubism, Surrealism, Expressionism. All in his work.
How he make all this mix?
I guess because he want to give the best shot from Brasilian culture.
His shapes are feminin, the curves are talking to us a different language: let’s follow them !
The colours: sinous outlines are very effetive and affective. His works are sending to our sensitivity and then to our rational part who it’s only for analyze.
Despite of abstract appereance, his paintings are from a realistic base- the fish, the basket- .


His genius is to synthetize many artistic styles by an alchemy between line, colour, light and motion. All these convert in emotion.


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