Monomorphic Surrealism

Today I will talk about the Monomorphic Surrealism and his ‘owner’ Rodolfo Opazo Bernales.
Monomorphic = an organism which it’s changing little during his evolution/ life circle.


BIR_imagen de una de sus obras_0800_0600





Rodolfo Opazo Bernales is born in Chile in 1935.
His human shapes look like white blocks of stone, reflecting the theme: death, spirituality or even the path.
There is a mystical atmosphere and the human condition from being made by God’s breath and stone.
Bernales made the universal man and female – no faces, no features showed on their body – with no emotions. What we can see there, it’s the unity converted in sarcasm, erotic or irony.
He tried many forms. From showing death in one form who puts his head into the ground to the judgement in public of a girl.
The colours are very dry, not warmt at all and very little -as number- 3-4 be all – white, yellow, navy-blue, black.
Being an art lover – poetry, literature, music,environment – Bernales finds his way in Surrealism in his concept and Surreal situations.
If we cannot see that large space full of figurative elements or monsters we can say that he is not a surrealist painter, but the colours are good and gentle, the attitude might confuse us and say it’s just a banal painter,maybe an Expressionist.
The amplitude of shapes,the elegant shapes,the surreal situations, even judging women in a public space – unknown one – Bernales becomes a fine painter of the characters – unknown also -.
His vision in Surrealism it’s Monomorphic for me because his human figures are in the same manner – shapes, colour (white)- and in the same way, they don’t distinct too much one from another and look like some marble stones – maybe with feelings, but can’t distinct that part -.

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