a new wave

26 Jul


I am glad and very pleased to know – I knew first or almost first – that Reinhard Stammer will have an exhibition in China, Beijing in this July.
Why I was sure?
Because I saw a new wave and new style – even if its the same eccentric artist and seen that very much.
When I started to talk about his art i managed one aspect: the future. What future means to an artist?
He can change the colours or the subject but one thing he will never change: his own style.
And still Neo-Expressionist with full of masks but now with colours and shapes that made me to wonder if it’s something there changed.. with his mood or with his perception of world that changed in this way?! I am glad he is happy and content.
Is a vibrant art now, full of sparkling and fun… now it’s a game, now it’s joy for him.
I judge after the colours and thematic. Than 2008 until 2013 this one is full of the unique colours and shapes of moods.
Reinhard Stammer had here, on my blog, 2 another analysis and all the time I was right – I am not writing to have right or something because art is like human’s soul… very volatile – .
All the time I am enthuzistic when I see a change in a good way. I saw his works from March – my last analysis – until June. were a splendor for my mind – at least I am sure of that!-.
Who have facebook, go there! 😀 and see.
I have in my laptop his paintings. 😀 I am glad that his my friend and yes, he paints like me with the fingers – from time to time-.
I remember when I told him why I paint with fingers better than with brushes – because I wanna feel the shape and line better and the message is to be natural not all that synthetic stuff – I remember he smiled.
Now is like a full game when shapes come and go away or vanish in a colour – usually white or with another impact- and that impress the retina in a good way.
The colours are more friendly, not so many violence or agressive, like a fight with the past… now he is accomplished with what he worked, done, thought or will do…
That’s my opinion about this exhibition from Beijing, 11 July 2015.


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