agar eileen or the figurative surrealism


Eileen Agar is a lady of Surreal and I said – my humble opinion- that she does more Figurative Surrealism.

Figurative not as a figurative speech by itself, but art beeing expressed by geometrical figures.

Let’s have a look at a few samples from her work first:

Agar’s figures are cubist and geometric, not feminine or slightly voluptuous. They’re fixist, like they are looking at you. Even though you may sometimes be tempted to encompass Agar’s work in another artistic area- either the last period of Expressionism and the beginning of Symbolism, the background and the themes are Surrealist.

The lines are masculine, cold, the colors are mostly primal, with a combination of naive tinge – in the center it’s the idea, and the background being the “surrealist situation”.

The self-portraits include cold shades, as if they were self-indulging. It does not emphasize anything, everything is lost in geometrically or slightly modified geometric figures – the line of the nose, the mouth and the throat – and on the outside are found elements of cubism.

Agar’s art seems cold to me, because no matter how much I try to empathize, it seems to me that it leaves me outside. It also appears cold because of the geometry itself that creates the feeling that ‘you have to know a code to understand me’.

Agar is, from my point of view, a figurative artist of Surrealism also by the language that she offers – a that code that you need to decypher (discipline, loneliness, fixation, fullness of the image itself) – and predominantly masculine line.

I find her work very graceful. It’s a cold grace that you do not catch from the first moment, but if you focus on the object possessed – the painting –  you can manage and find it quite attractive..

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