body and soul

Søren Aabye Kierkegaard was a XIX-th philosopher considered by many readers one of the hardest being to understand. Only the twentieth (XX-th) century began to understand what he meant to say.

He talked lots about faith, love, being loved, the difference between some human needs.

Why about faith?

Because his father whom were a priest cursed God.


He left his fiancé.

And then he wrote a book about SEDUCTION, called The Seducer’s Diary. 

some ideas that I’ve got after a reading -in 12 degree:

Faith is a choice, not a direct reception – Every man chooses to believe in something or someone, no matter who is God, a flower, Allah or who knows what deity. In addition, each one has the free will to decide – or not – if it is worthwhile to have hope elsewhere than in himself (to believe in something other than one’s own power or will).

Kierkegaard described love whom it’s the urge to love and be loved, a fundamental need of human kind. this need is characteristic of every person and that lies at the heart of what is often, somewhat misleadingly – natural love, understood as the passionate desire and inclination we are immediately driven by when we love.

In Works of Love Kierkegaard asks himself or ourselves: “Where does love come from, where does it have its origin and its source, where is the place it has its abode from which it flows?”

where he answers: “This place is hidden or is secret. There is a place in a person’s innermost being; from this place flows the life of love…but its hidden life is in itself motion and has eternity within itself.

Kierkegaard wrote that love it’s inexplicable and enigmatic and that love can’t be explained and rationally justified – and that doesn’t mean it cannot be felt.

the erotic dimension and to the fact that there is an intimate connection between love and the body- his own ideas.

Love it is a connection that is not, in the first instance, sexual, but which simply allows the urge to love to be noticeable in and through the body of a person.

Lyricism and imagination have to be and are in the same time the meanings in life.

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