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source: Facebook Moontain

source: Facebook Moontain

source: Facebook Moontain

source: Facebook Moontain

Today I will post a interview with a painter from France, Fred for friends and Moontain for the public. Soon I will make a little talk/writing about his art but for the moment let’s meet the human.

Article BY Simionescu Simona  

SS: What is a painting  for you?

 A painting it’s a link, between two worlds, the one we see and the one we feel. It makes the one we felt, able to be seen.

It’s one of the ways to express something we have deep inside of us, or that we can feel and catch from above (us).

Something that was the primarytool for our species to communicate not only rational things (such as informations to hunt) but also the ethereal dimension and imagination. Then (to my eyes) it has also been kidnapped by a certain elite, with academic techniques … but thanks to some artists, painting has been freed again and literally anyone is allowed to enjoy it. 

Now, a painting (I painted), for me, is like a part of my self, like a family member, a piece of colored flesh. A witness and an actor of my own evolution. It’s precious and has no price. 

It’s more than just a mirror, it also shows at the same time the past, present and future, always renewed, because it reflects how you feel inside.

Any time we look at a painting, we can see something different, or differently, it says a lot about our state of mind, it informs us and also offers us a wild ride into our imaginary lands, where anything is possible. From these rides come ideas and inventions and so, we evolve, as a species too, this is why Art, is as important as food and water.

SS: What is your favorite color?

To this question, I only have one answer: my favorite color is “Rainbow”.

Beauty can be found in anything, forms or colors, they all have something to offer. I could have answered, my favorite color is the  “Light” since the rainbow’s colors are light’s prism of colors.

It means there are no colors to reject or prefer, they are all the components of this element at the origin of everything (light), i don’t feel like i have to chose or prefer one. I love them all, even the ones we can not see with our eyes.

source: facebook MOONTAIN

source: facebook MOONTAIN

SS: Which artist or painter has influenced you ?

Hard question to answer to. Because, obviously we are all under influences, just like the shape of a tree will depend on the trees around it. I would say that the influences don’t make the experience, it means, even if  (for example), my very first crush in painting was for Basquiat, it doesn’t mean i wanted to do the same kind of work. In fact, it was his freedom that really pleased me as well as the use of colors. 

Since it’s been quite some time I’m painting, through the years people would say to me ” You work makes me think of X or Y ” … and pretty much each time, I just did not know the artist they were talking about because I don’t have a real art culture. I come from the music scene and work on my side, I’m a true loner.

So i did learn a lot thanks to what people told me, I guess this is the best way to evolve: You do your thing, through the unknown, and in the end, roads meet in a way or another. This is both humbling and interesting.

When I was a child, my main influences were from the music scene, The Beatles, The Doors, then Nirvana, Sonic Youth, The Dead Kennedys … These are my roots. Their ethic and total dedication to what they were doing is my main influence.

SS:Is there a work of art you would like to have in your home next to your own work ?

I don’t think that i feel a need to own something like that. I am very happy that plenty of incredible artworks exists, and enrich museums all other the world so many people can admire them and get inspired.

I never thought of it to be honest. Maybe if i had to choose i would like to have a Chagall because i like how he serves his idea of the divine world, or the painting of Basquiat i have tattooed on my arm ( “Freddie” ). But what i really think is, we just have to create our own artworks if we want some in our home, it doesn’t have to be pretty, big or else, just our self.

I believe it’s important we all look to express this artistic and sensitive side. There will never be too many seeds of this kind to make the world a better place. 

And now, the real thing is that the greatest work of art is the Nature, there is no question about it, period. Let’s just remove the wall where we hang a painting, and just admire the work of Nature. It’s free and makes you feel free.

SS: What is the best way to exhibit a painting ?

I ignore it. There are several ways, to exhibit it the best way. It depends on so many factors, there is not one formula. The same goes for human beings, you can give to two children the same parents, education, amount of love and they will still be different and special in their own way. 

The main thing would be, to maximize the potential interaction between the painting and the viewer so he or she, becomes an actor rather than a spectator. It is a balance, i believe their should be some informations to guide the ones who want to be guided but not too much so the others can travel with their imagination the way they want. This … and a good light, because without light there is nothing, it allows the eyes to dive and the mind to fly. 

The place (museum, warehouse, outside etc) doesn’t matter.

source: Facebook Moontain

source: Facebook Moontain

SS: What are the limits of painting ?

I would say, the limits of a painting are the people’s imagination looking at it. And the limits of painting, the medium, is the imagination of the one doing it. So there are no real limits. I mean, they are relative, no more no less, they can be removed when we decide we wanna see something new, something more, something that echoes the one we are and the one we wanna become.

SS: How do you start a work – do you have any rituals ?

Absolutely … not. I don’t look to do special things to put me in a situation where i would create, i just pay attention to those moments where the creative waves are calling me and i just answer to them right away with what is around me at the moment. I don’t simulate a context to create, the creation generates its own context so i just have to dedicate my self to its realization.

I don’t want to prepare anything or project anything. To create is an adventure, a discovery. If you already know what you will do, there’s a chance that nothing new will be discovered, which is really not interesting (to me). I just grab a canvas, a stone or else, and start to interact with it. It is about the genuine intuition that something is asking to be and the faith that it will teach you something, through its making or later, because of its meaning or interpretation. Once again, it is a Circle, both benefit from this process, the artwork and our self.

SS: Is there a future for painting or are you one of the last survivors ?

First, I don’t consider my self as a painter.

I am just someone trying to express things and this is a medium where it can happen.

There will always be paintings. It was the origin of the artistic expression, it’s here to stay.

When or if, computers, and so called modern technologies will disappear, you will always be able to go out in the Nature, grab some clay, coal etc and create your pigments and colors. And this is what is most important to me, i don’t reject the new ways of expression (as in music) based of machines and electronic, but to me, the best art is the one you can do when you have nothing, then it means you can do with anything.

SS: If you were about to be reborn, what would you like to be – still a painter ?

I believe that if this life ends, it means the lessons and experiences we were supposed to go through came to an end too. Which means, another life would be about learning new things and experience another path. So i don’t think i would be a painter.

Now, if I had the choice, I am not sure i would come back as a human being. It must be special to be a tree linking the Earth’s depth with the sky, or a droplet of rain just having this gigantic free-fall …

To reborn as a full part of the Circle of Life, without the need to intellectualize it (like human beings always do), should be something very interesting, to just Be, would fulfill all my desires.

source: Facebook Moontain

source: Facebook Moontain

S: Do you think that today, painting is under appreciated ?

I don’t think so, it’s hard to really have an opinion about it, since i am really on my own so i can only speak for myself. The more i grow and evolve in my life and the more i have respect for painters. 

Now, with the recent technologies, it seems like many people can create images without even painting anything and it will look like a painting. What i mean is … maybe the notion of hard work and total dedication is being under appreciated. 

Since we live in an era of urgency, of “everything now”, it’s hard to imagine the majority of people realize (or are even interested) the amount of work, blood, sweat and tears it asks to create. If people just look at the surface of an image, then things will not be pretty in the future. But there is no such things as ” it was better in my time ” .. everything evolves, there trends, and things that will always remain.

Also, I notice the positive side of today’s world too. It is easier to learn and to discover what others do, and how to do things. That being said, the most important remains to discover what you have in your self and your own way to express it, so you can add something, your seed to this world, otherwise it would be a world of clones.

SS: What are your favorite themes ?

I don’t think I have themes. I mean, I don’t tell me “let’s work on this or that”.

But if I look at my artworks, I can say there are often some animals or natural figures in them, even if it’s abstract. Also, consciously or not, it’s quite often echoing some civilizations, ancient myths.

At least, this is what I make me see and interpret. I can see characters having some “out of time” battles and interactions. If I had to talk about a main theme then if would be, once again, “The Circle” … what was, is and forever will be, under an infinity of forms, visible or not. This is what I love to think of, to feel, and to entertain. What brings some knowledge and hopefully material to get wiser.

Moontain can be found here and here.

Some of his written down words and ideas, here.

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