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shitty stuff 2

In this reality – contemporary world- fulled of violence and uncertainty – of all kinds- I will talk about the past and present.
In the past everywhere were lots of unexplored areas. Africa was an area where only if you had money you could ‘go’ to work out with the resources from there. From the surface resources to the underworld ones – and we know their value-. Since that exploring of the world from there were the same conditions for surviving.
If the greed was only in their country and do less harm I could say the opposite, but when your greed it’s global, I can say only two words: Fuck off!
We know that greed it’s in the same way worse as indiferent people. They work together as if they are the nuclear bomb.
If you don’t care about people and you care only about the money then what you get it’s nothing.
Money are just piece of plastic. Not even paper.
If you care about them so much… Why don’t you live in a safe box?
You won’t take money with you in the grave. Not even a cent.
If you have money but an empty soul… You think you are rich because of that plastic?
You think that respect comes because of money/ territories?
Or… You think that money make your name?
Your work, your personality, your soul… All those combined with good facts, kindness and truth … That worth a million dollar. :-)
So… In your chase remember that you live in a society not into a safe box. :-)
The future it’s worse with this kind of people around us, that rule ‘the world’ but they don’t have courage to stop for a second from this stupid race of money.
You have all you want.
Why more? :-/ and why you want to take money/ territories through lots of puddles of blood?
From pride? Because you can? :-/
What about the kids? About the near future? What will happen’ next?
:-( STOP this crap of ‘reality’!
It’s worse even if this were happening in a movie. Of B category!

That’s on short way what I had to say.