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06 Feb

Louden was born in Blackpool in 1943, but has lived in London’s East End since he was a boy. He left school at 15 and four years later decided his ‘first need was to create art’. He has spent his life painting and drawing scenes from his own visual world, works he calls ‘internal landscapes’.
His colours are fresh like in drawings of little kids but full of expressive force. Lines are gentle and feminine suggesting a warm sensitivity.
The value of this kind of art provides a way to better emotional stability and conflict resolution. There are many artists who have saved through their work.
The beauty is disinterested.
Maybe that has a therapeutic effect.
The expressive art still tends to be seen as a direct fingerprint of the ‘inner world’ of the artist.
A perception outside world.
The stylistic characteristics of this art, such as deformation, overcrowding, sexual symbolism or obscurity, are directly aligned with psychiatric symptoms.
But the concept of deviance is a process that evolves over time and it is hard to say which specific acts are related to a deviant behavior.
The artist has an extreme behaviour which doesn’t comply with social norms/ rules.


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