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different surrealism in art



Today I will present in front of your screens Fuco Ueda, a girl very talented from Japan, born in 1979.
Her talent into Surrealism Pop-Art it’s indisputable.
In December, the 4th, 2014, she was participating in Miami at the SCOPE Miami Beach Art Showscopeart show.
In November 27th 2014 she was at Tokyo’s charity exhibition.








What you’ve seen there it’s her work! and many on her website:

There are few common themes such as music, animal and plant life from the land and sea.
The women are in unreal space and within an aura of hidden violence , as quiet as some situations , but beyond them, in their mind , it is a struggle to rebel against them – the situations – . We see carnage or invisible animals , we see that the zebra is skinned to shoehorn a girl , we see that chewing gum is toxic that the mushrooms rising on the bubble. A toxic plant that tells nothing but the truth .


Surreal reactions are also captured as a psychological game between ‘ morbid subconscious story ‘ .
Meatloaf deer with meat on his horns , a girl with aquarium on her head and with fish going through , and she enters a real decomposition are images straight from unnatural naturalness.
The girl on the stairs, caught in the dead bones , girl caught in large aquarium and seeking for help from the hungry cat are again Surreal situations of great psychological intensity , it can be even Ueda is caught and even thinks : fear of death , fear of loneliness, fear of the dark – we see how her works are full of warm colors , vivid , delicate , fine and still overshadowed by theme – .



I guess the water have her magical role here in these works: it’s like her women, Naiade’s are ALL OVER!
It was a movie in 2006, called LADY IN THE WATER… so… when I’ve seen her works, I’ve had a mind association with the movie. :)
Water, as symbol, could be here an environment where she finds peace – or not !? – And an environment that hides the reality be beyond the glass – it’s usually the aquarium environment that separate the real- unreal or the dream- real world – .
On the other hand Animals can be symbols of reality.