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The two Tolras

13 Feb



Today i will present to you two different Tolra artists.

First is a she, Josefa Tolra and the second Ignacio Carles-Tolra.

So, polite as i am, i will start with Josefa.

She didn’t had a school in ART, but… she started to drawing and paint after 60′ – her age- and the death of her two sons. She did it without a desire for fame, away from the art and culture milieu of her time.

Despite her retirement, the medium became popular among artists, poets and friends who visited her at her home in Cabrils, among them Joan Brossa, Joan Obiols, Antoni Tàpies, Moisès Villèlia, Magda Bolumar, Maria Dolors Orriols, Enrique Modolell and Manuel Cuyàs.
In her drawings are her visionary characters and their space.

Of course, she is an outsider, because she is uninitiate in art and of the movement.







Ignatio Carles-Tolra is born in 1928, in Barcelona, Spain.

He emigrates in 1958 in Switzerland(Swiss), he settles in Geneva, working on the Red Cross.

From 1962 till 1984, he will maintain an important correspondence with Jean Dubuffet; a big friendship bound both artists.

Jean DUBUFFET will admit even to Carles-Tolra that his works of 1971 (Taurus, human animal) had been made by being inspired by “drawings” of time.

He lives now to Santander, since his pension, by dedicating itself only to his work.

The work of CARLES-TOLRA is not harmless: if the first look identifies a simple image, beyond this primary aspect, we discover an acerbic criticism of our company, his institutions, the clergy, the politics.

Maybe that CARLES-TOLRA makes for us of Art-narchie! – Luis MARCEL

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 111500_40_imgdmd_carles_tolra carles_tolra_ignacio-sans_titre~OM4e4300~10639_20101025_9508_142 carles-tolra-ignacio-1928-spai-sans-titre-2748699


Usually his works are full of colours, his ingenue’s works are covered by a warm light coming from places like his childhood and cheerfully. If we look more closely at them, usually hiding something anti-messages – politics, arrogance, money, violent-through images or masks that he exemplify in colours.

Usually there are more “monsters” – message. His acrylics seem simple – like any could do that! – But not many attempts by those figures to transmit coded messages, like new messengers of the unconscious – and not only- and his stubbornly to create another world.

He shows two faces in his work: the poet ‘ who puts his desires, but also the abusive street fighter who are social discontentand aggression out. He is impulsive in his very personal visual language. The shown series of works painted on pieces of cardboard, colored, cartoonish, expressive, but not childlike. Are beasts, bestioles, he has with parts of maps of Berlin plastered with some lines with chalk or marker are emphasized.

A poetic form of political commentary

Reminds me of the Hérault space in Paris in the District of la Huchette formerly outlining that artists born in the South of the Loire, it was the world, they could expose up to the Turkey for example but not to Northern people who have however in the heart the heat there is out, as Enrico said .

Among the tables produced by the these lands self-taught artists,often found rearrangements of the landscapes of mountain pastures to the Greens supported common in these regions, where are sown,picketing the landscape as masses and more or less abstract forms that can picket space of a seemingly abstract composition, fenced meadows, farms, cows, white paths…


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