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How it’s been a while since my last interview took place, today I’ve reborn through an interview very feminine and very human.

Giselle Bolotin is her name, an Australian libra (sign) full of passion and joy inside and outside her spirit.


Interview by Simona Simionescu

Hello! Let’s talk about art! 

– Shall we begin?

How did you started to paint? It was a desire or a will?

It was in my blood. My father was an artist.

How it was in art university? Or where you studied?

Yes at art College. But I had to unlearn again when I finished.


I had to learn myself how to paint me.

To feel yourself.

Not rules and laws of art. Yes me. To feel me and to paint like me.

Do you paint a perfect woman after you or is a woman without a name ? I mean her identity..

It’s me. I paint me.

She is or them look like a inner  of  you.


How Giselle’s world looks like? It is about a perfectible woman… always a discovery of her soul and feelings…  

It’s all about a woman. She is not running. Her love her life her lack of  passion. Her gentleness. Her strength. Her trusting too quickly. Her sense of justice.

Maybe her disappointness or her trust?


Her soul. Her mind. Her desires.

Her believing too much.

Her reality in a fairy tale ending.

Her belief love is a temple. And it will overcome all obstacles.

When you follow the lines – the curves- you sent the touch? As if you.. touch her.

Yes. And only the very tuned in person can feel it .

When u paint yourself.. what part you like the most?

Breasts, hips, bottom and usually no face… The universal woman.

When u choose your colours pick them after the mood or after the game of senses?

It just happens. I don’t think about colour it just happens. Outer with orange hair and inner with soul

Is your image of how you are beside skin. Sometimes that bleumarin looks like night sky and tooks me to a woman which is a fairy and ready to tell a story. 

Yes. Yes. I do.  And the sad the happy. The lost the strong.

The orange brings you peace and defines you – the warmth woman, full of joy and life. Who sees good. And cares about people more than sometimes gets back.

Yes. And the blue is the melancholy. When I am disappointed. Or dissullioned.

You have the night woman, the middle day woman and the morning woman. As if they are the cycle of the women’s life. Morning- birth. Middle-mature. And the night – old but wise. Who can wait to tell stories 

Yes it’s a life story and an everyday story . Yes all of that.

So you see you know it all.

14 15 16

What materials do you use?

Lots of collage from other torn up works and the simplicity comes after.

Or pieces I take my sadness or happiness out on. Paint bits and pieces of colour on them

Throw ink on it.

How do you want the non-artistic viewer to see your paintings? From distance or close enough to the mistery?

That’s up to their own interpretation.

Do you have any message for the viewer? To expect or see or…feel?

No I have no message I just want them to feel some sort of emotion when they look at my work.


Sometimes emotions are very hard to find when people are in rush of daily problems..

Emotions .. to feel is a danger path nowadaysAnd sometimes a weakness.

And a message for other painters?

Feel free and paint their heart and soul. They have only to paint them.

– Thanks so much Giselle!!

– You’re welcome, beautiful!



The Primitive vs The Contemporary

Mark Mellon is an artist from USA, born on 10 July 1980 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
He did not attend the School of Visual Arts in New York, he went on his own journey in art and … we see his travel.
What we see are mythology, psychology – and contemporary events in a domestic area or world wide- and religious themes.
But let’s meet the artist behind the canvas!

Interview with Mark Mellon

by Simionescu Simona

– Hello Mark! Can we see what’s behind the canvas and your sculptures?
– Sure!

What are your preferred themes?
My themes vary between the freedom and joy of overcoming a struggle to the overwhelming cloud of grief and loss. Most of all it is the expressions we can portray.

What inspires you?
Life. Sunrise. And sunsets. The moments in between.

Where do you get your ideas from?
Same as question 2.

What is the most beautiful memory that you keep of your artist’s career?
The moment when I felt my voice as an artist was finally close to what I had always imagined it to be.

Of what do you think when you paint?
Sometimes nothing. Sometimes a list of things I need to do in the day. Other times I repeat the process of technique and painting in my head as I go. And more often than other times I lapse into a repeat of memories, from childhood to present. Replaying them all.

How would you define your art?
Primitive surrealistic abstraction

Who is interested in your paintings?
I’ve found a great variety in the people that find my work. I have collectors all over the world.

Which techniques do you use as a painter ?
A little this a little that.
Well that all depends on what I’m doing. For paintings I only use acrylic. Sometime with brush other time with knife.
Drawings I like to work with sumi ink and watercolor sometimes adding gold leaf to them.
I mostly work on 140# watercolor paper.
Ceramics my favorite Clay is Terra cotta so far.
I also love tonwork with paper mâché and plaster / resin for sculptures as well.

Who are the painters you admire?
Tamayo, schiele, Jose Luis cuevas, lipshitz, Moore, picasso

What are your other interests in life?
I’ve devoted probably most of my adult life to art and painting. It has not left much room for anything else. At the moment I enjoy my daily walks with our dogs.

How do you see your painting in the coming years?
I would like to see my work reach further in audience in the coming years and to become more of a household name.

– Thanks!
– My pleasure!

Litore no 1

Litore no 1

The fight

The fight

The accused

The accused

The note amused

The note amused


Interview with a Portuguese artist




Male, Expressionist Artist Painter

DoB. 27 September 1965, Viseu, Portugal

Resident in London, UK




(1966-1971) Viersen, Germany

(1971-1990) Viseu, Portugal

(1990-2000) Toronto, Canada

(2000-2003) Viseu, Portugal

(2003-2015) London, UK



University of the Arts London

Elephant and Castle, graphic design, 2004



Art Exhibitions:


_Galeria Corte Real – Toronto, Canada – 1999

_The Rivoli – Toronto, Canada – 1999

_Here & Now Gallery – Toronto, Canada – 2000

_Salt Studio – Toronto, Canada – 2000

_Galeria IPJ – Viseu, Portugal – 2001

_Agirarte – Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal – 2001

_Rampart – London, England – 2009

_Art Now Gallery – Gotheborg, Sweden – 2010 & 2011

_Siel de Paris at Drouot Montaigne – Paris, France – 2011

_Connoisseur’s Gallery – Paris, France – 2012

_Galerie En ApARThe’ – Paris, France – 2012

_GalerieART – Aizelles, France – 2012

_Jordi Miguel Galeria d’Art – Barcelona, Spain – 2015



–  Hello Toze!

– Hello Simona !



Q: How all this begun ? as a hobby or as a passion ?

A: Painting came as a shock, I got surprised!

I started painting in 1991 somehow after reading old literature.


Q: What is your conception about art and the world ?

A: Art making is privacy being fixed. I arrange it to inform ho.


Q: If you were not a painter what would you be ?

A: Into electrics, probably.


Q: There are moments when you do not work out at all what the mind-eye can see and abandon work ?

If so, how do you get over it ?

A: If I “force” myself into painting, yes that happens…


Q: How often do you let yourself be influenced by others opinions ?

A: I don’t get much opinion; I just do my thing quietly…


Q: What do you think it propels a dedicated painter ? Talent, luck or criticism ?

A: Talent and his supported energy is the main channel to have a good time painting.


Q: I know you are from Portugal. As a painter the place where you come from did influence your work ?

A: Yes, places influences work.


Q: What are the sources of inspiration for your paintings ?

A: Life and the romantic feeling of leaving behind some artwork, that keeps me going.


Q: Do you paint what you feel, without thinking at decoding the painting ?

A: Usually I have a plan but all that can change… yes mistery!


– Thank you for your time! Good luck!  :)

– Thank you all, being a pleasure!