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history from 20 March

20 Mar

In 1990 in Targu Mures, Romania.
A ‘riot’ is actually a massacre.
Romanian and Hungarian peasants were beaten.
No matter the reason.
Criminals are not found.
Exactly the same stage with the miners, just as elsewhere in the country.
A report said it has been ‘repressive elements’ were against the country’s authorities.
It is said that it was not communism, that after the shooting in the Christmas Day of Ceausescu couple all ‘elements’ of the old leadership were not changed.
Old traditions are not forget, right?
Inter-ethnic conflict was provoked. With violence. Innocent victims. The army came after beating happened in the streets and murdering in Targu Mures.
Reports do not certify the truth. They certify only what they want to say. They created the false idea that Romania is no longer under the totalitarian regime, when everywhere after that outrageous murder were caused riots and people were beaten from upper – order.
And who could give the order?
At this question that many in the country do not want to answer because there are many hidden files and many murderers of people who have now 70-80 years old. Putting them in jail already means nothing. The consequences of their actions leave a bitter taste.

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