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Philosophical Surrealism

Today I will talk about the Philosophically Surrealism and Alberto Savinio, real name Andrea Francesco Alberto de Chirico, world and works. He was the youngest brother of Giorgio de Chirico.
A small / big difference between the metaphorical – the paintings hide message -and the metaphysical – in which a blank space is beyond space and were personified objects loaded with energy and mystery, hiding – here at Alberto Savinio we meet the playful philosophy and irony.







What we see here?
We see the ironic form of life: women exchanged in chickens, which awaits the weird – and possibly their personality is reduced to that of a chicken-, a new form of Penelope that waits her husband at home, on the waterfront, a sexualized and effeminate centaur. All these visions took me to the philosophy of life – even if it can be sometimes a misogynistic one-. Or he wanted to illustrate and attract attention. If he would have more dogs we concluded that it would be duality divine – a shame, but the hen philosophy is something sought.
That is not really a flying bird and this could be a hint that women have the same aspirations, material: house, kids and that’s all.
Birds can symbolize the spirit, intelligence, because, as the Rig – Veda says, “Intelligence ( Manas ) is the fastest of the birds “.
in interpreting dreams a hen does mean prudence, maternal care and procreation.

Why do I call Savinio’s style Philosophically?
Because it have the connection with reality (here he has Surreal situation) + existence (material vs non-material) + knowledge ( a standard of what can be or what it is!) + values ( hidden meanings) + reason (what mind/ rational can explain) + mind (what mind sees) + language (in this matter it’s a form language, with colours and lines).
It’s a bond between the
truth(not Universal!)/
justify the words( here we have the images).
So everywhere we look at Savinio’s works we see an ironic form of playful Philosophy.
We even meet a form of philosophy of art in spontaneous situations, surreal. This form I’ve called it philosophical Surrealism.