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The suprarealism in real 3D

Since August I’m trying to make something special for Simone Vela, the surealist 3D graphic artist from Palermo, Italy.

First of all let me put you here some of his stories and interviews. Maybe you will find his work interesting as I saw  – and still I am! -.

His art is different. Very thematic and very sensitive to the consciousness, human evolution, the dream, the myth of femininity and the myth of motherhood  and many other topics about which I will speak later. Simone Vela worked 20 years as a ceramist, in Sicily. But before ceramic part, he was a painter. When the computer developed and became what has become today for everyone, then Simone Vela worked as a illustrator 3D.

Since he was a child he was a free spirit. He is autodidact, didn’t studied at University of Art or something related. And I find that very good, because I can imagine that maybe that wing called imagination couldn’t done better than this. Because I am the same -modest me! 😉 – .

He consider himself a surrealist but not the traditional way – which is True.


I have to confess: I ADORE SURREALISM. maybe I have a fetish or something but… I’m really and madly in love mentally with this spirit of aesthetic.


then I was very happy when I took an interview – on facebook-.

But the same conclusion I have. :)

I saw in his works the surrealism and symbolic parts. the symbolic surrealism 3D. That’s what we discussed.

First of all: the symbolism of the egg and in the same time the maternal myth. Females in his vision make eggs. the logic is maybe related to the ethereal and the spirit (he will fly at some point of view!). Then… THE SAME EGG makes the life – death cycle and death occurs with it. the maternal myth is alive, that makes this form that egg. The woman is seen as both alpha and omega – the beginning and end of life. The myth of society is seen as a judgment or as a kind of purgatory in which man is serving and confess sins.

It may also occur myths of dream and consciousness  in which either men or women go into another dimension – the spiritual and facts. It is understood that the man himself is conceived – and preconceived- in present judgment (reason) and emotion (dreaming) – and that the individual survival becomes a game of life and death. the individual  can always be expelled or rooted out of society or “family”.

People are skeletons, animals and cosmic elements – the birth from the cosmic egg- … then they pray or wear with piously the cross of Jesus. The Myth of Jesus becomes the leitmotif, for which there is a sub-theme of surrealism, the religious one.

Children’s that appear in are wearing and transport  either dead ends or crosses. Their figures and expressions on their faces  say more: fear or blessing? all alike.

That’s what I had had to say about Simone Vela’s WORK! :)