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my theory

OK… lots of art around… so i will pick my theory to be taken here in discussion.

I was talking – written- about it… but now, because i was talking about it – live- i want to share it with you.

Always the new generation have -or better say MUST- be more than the previously.

Even if I am a sum of characters of the ancestors, I have to be more than them. That’s the rule.

But what if we are actually a Fibonacci sum or numbers too? :)
It’s easier to believe that you are actually a number – a sum of characters – and as always … you can add to your turn other numbers – however, seen from outside , from space , that’s what a view- .
It’s like the C++ program:


int U (int n)
if (!n) return 0;
else if (n==1) return 1;
else return U(n-1)+U(n-2);

void main()
int n;
printf(“Introduceti n=”);

printf(“Valoarea sirului in n este: %d”,U(n));



After that, the
Un= 0, n=0
1, n=1
recursive version will be more than a Fibonacci Un recursion task.

We all have recursive characters and capacities and we are part of the recursive requirements made – or spoken or …thought- by the ancestors.

So we are just recursive in this world, not too far different from other… just in the same time with the same Fibonacci destiny.


Good night!