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Interview with a Portuguese artist




Male, Expressionist Artist Painter

DoB. 27 September 1965, Viseu, Portugal

Resident in London, UK




(1966-1971) Viersen, Germany

(1971-1990) Viseu, Portugal

(1990-2000) Toronto, Canada

(2000-2003) Viseu, Portugal

(2003-2015) London, UK



University of the Arts London

Elephant and Castle, graphic design, 2004



Art Exhibitions:


_Galeria Corte Real – Toronto, Canada – 1999

_The Rivoli – Toronto, Canada – 1999

_Here & Now Gallery – Toronto, Canada – 2000

_Salt Studio – Toronto, Canada – 2000

_Galeria IPJ – Viseu, Portugal – 2001

_Agirarte – Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal – 2001

_Rampart – London, England – 2009

_Art Now Gallery – Gotheborg, Sweden – 2010 & 2011

_Siel de Paris at Drouot Montaigne – Paris, France – 2011

_Connoisseur’s Gallery – Paris, France – 2012

_Galerie En ApARThe’ – Paris, France – 2012

_GalerieART – Aizelles, France – 2012

_Jordi Miguel Galeria d’Art – Barcelona, Spain – 2015



–  Hello Toze!

– Hello Simona !



Q: How all this begun ? as a hobby or as a passion ?

A: Painting came as a shock, I got surprised!

I started painting in 1991 somehow after reading old literature.


Q: What is your conception about art and the world ?

A: Art making is privacy being fixed. I arrange it to inform ho.


Q: If you were not a painter what would you be ?

A: Into electrics, probably.


Q: There are moments when you do not work out at all what the mind-eye can see and abandon work ?

If so, how do you get over it ?

A: If I “force” myself into painting, yes that happens…


Q: How often do you let yourself be influenced by others opinions ?

A: I don’t get much opinion; I just do my thing quietly…


Q: What do you think it propels a dedicated painter ? Talent, luck or criticism ?

A: Talent and his supported energy is the main channel to have a good time painting.


Q: I know you are from Portugal. As a painter the place where you come from did influence your work ?

A: Yes, places influences work.


Q: What are the sources of inspiration for your paintings ?

A: Life and the romantic feeling of leaving behind some artwork, that keeps me going.


Q: Do you paint what you feel, without thinking at decoding the painting ?

A: Usually I have a plan but all that can change… yes mistery!


– Thank you for your time! Good luck!  :)

– Thank you all, being a pleasure!